A Vanished Port: Middletown & the Caribbean, 1750-1824

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VanishedporticonshortThis exhibition portrays a major New England port during the heyday of the West Indies trade, from the luxurious life of Middletown’s merchants to the suffering of enslaved workers in the sugar monoculture of the English Caribbean. Using the documents and possessions of Middletown merchants and mariners, two stories are told–of New England maritime opportunity, and its basis in a Caribbean economy dependent on the labor of enslaved people. We use local history to talk about the roots of past and present social issues, bringing these stories together through the lives of individuals who lived them.

The exhibit is located on the first floor of the Society’s headquarters, the General Mansfield House. Artifacts and documents help tell the stories of enslavement, wealth and commerce in 18th and early 19th century Middletown.

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exhibit-planjThis short film (11:55 minutes) by Erik Hesselberg and Lee T. McQuillan introduces the people and issues explored in the exhibit.


The Making of “A Vanished Port”
A short video (3:56 minutes) by Connecticut Humanities.

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